In the city Vasilkov with care for you, we have created project  “Dom №20”, which combines everything you need for a peaceful and harmonious life. And in the summer of 2016 has started construction on the territory of the military town of the project, in which we only use the latest construction technology and modern types of layouts designed to suit all tastes!

For a long time there was a complete infrastructure – there are kindergartens and schools, and medical and sports facilities, restaurants and cafes, a supermarket chain. Residential complex “Dom №20” is located directly on the territory of the Military 11 – it is a closed area, parks, playgrounds and lots of greenery. Quiet and comfortable place for family life, as well as a profitable investment.


“Dom №20”: In this period, in the residential complex House 20, the most democratic prices in the real estate market in the city Vasilkov, but this does not affect the quality! All apartments in the house are very light, because the correct arrangement of the windows, but the same time, the apartments are very warm as we build from the ordinary red brick and insulate the walls with foam plastic 100mm. The thickness of the walls in House 20 with a heater – 48 cm! In each of apartments there is an independent heating. All communications are local.


Timing of construction of the “Dom №20”

 The first two sections will be put into operation in the I quarter. 2020. This – 108 apartments.




Home improvement “Dom №20”

Apartment complex “Dom №20” looks like the Russian letter  “П”, so in the yard planned friendly playground, paving paths and green spaces throughout the complex. Parking “Dom №20” is equipped with a specially designated areas. “Dom №20” – is a low-rise complex, distant from the major highways, allowing you to rest easy with children, communicating with family and friends at the complex “Dom  №20” and enjoy the clean air and silence.